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Northern California, USA  -  Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mex

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EC Events is the booking agent and live music production team for the music performances at Denio's Farmers Market - Market Plaza Live! mainstage.

EC Events is the creator of the exciting new PopStar Academy, teaching and organizing singing & dance groups or Boy Band & Girl Bands! Coming to a city near you in 2024.

EC Events is the booking agent and management team for the popular Van Morrison and Eric Burdon & the Animals tribute band  -  "The Van Animals". They can perform two 50-minute sets of the top hits from these two iconic acts.

EC Events has created an amazing new Awards event where you're the Star! This is going to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek take on the awards show enigma. Coming in 2023!

EC Events is concerned about the demise of Rock'n'Roll music and culture here in the USA and abroad. So we decided to do something about it! Take a look.

EC Events also handles the new and exciting Huey Lewis/Bruce Springsteen tribute band - "The E. Street News". Currently, they have one, hour & 15 minute long set of the best of Huey and Bruce and are working on their second set. So, they're ready to headline a show anywhere, anytime!

EC Events occasionally re-unites the amazing, long-running original Summer of Love tribute stageshow - "San Francisco's Summer of Love Revue". Created in 2004 on the streets of San Francisco, they featured a 14-member cast and re-enacted such legendary bands as, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, The Mamas & the Papas, Hendrix, The Doors, and many more! If you want them for a performance, EC Events can round them up!

"Spirit Wind" is a very powerful tribute to the early works of Carlos Santana. Plucking out the popular hits from Santana's first three album releases, Evil Ways - Black Magic Woman - Oye Como Va, and later hits, No One To Depend On - Song of the Wind - Guajira and finally ending their hour & fifteen minute set with a strong rendition of Soul Sacrifice, Spirit Wind leaves the crowd exhausted and satisfied!